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The PMLN6530A Two-Wire Surveillance Kit. It receives and transmits operation with a Push-to-Talk(PTT) on the Mic.


Compatible with Motorola Two Way Radio 2-Pin models: GP88,CP040,CP100,CP110,CP125,CP150,CP200,CP250,CP300,GP2000,GP2100,GP300,GP308,GP68,GP88,GP88S,CLS1110,CLS1410,CLS1413,CLS1450,CLS1450C,CLS1450CB,VL50.

Motorola PMLN6530A

$39.99 Regular Price
$34.99Sale Price
  • The Two-Wire Surveillance Kit (PMLN6530A) has an extended-wear comfort earpiece w/ a rubber ear tip and a clear, comfortable quick disconnect translucent tube. This accessory allows users to hear transmissions, while the clear tube is discreet. The microphone and push-to-talk are combined on a separate wire from the earpiece and are easily accessible when hidden under a jacket.

  • Weight 1 lbs

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