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  • Do all radios come equipped with Chargers, Antennas, Belt clips, etc?"
    Yes. All of our Philco radios come equiped with a desktop charger, belt clip, antenna, and standard d-shell earpiece per radio.
  • Is radio programming free?
    Yes. All of our radios are programmed to set frequencies based on your location. If you are currently using radios, we can program our radios to work with yours. Please ensure you have a valid radio license if you are using your own frequency. Radio re-programming is always Free.
  • Do I need an FCC license to operate these radios?
    Yes. Every property using two-way radios are required to use an FCC license.
  • Should I be using UHF or VHF? Digital?
    Depending on your usage you can either use UHF or VHF. Most of our radios come in UHF, as it is the most popular for indoor usage (such as a hotel, hospital, etc..). VHF is recommended for outdoor usage, or "point-to-point", such as a Golf course or Banquet hall. Digital is a great alternative and is the future of Radio communications. They are clear, reaching greater distances, and include many more options than Analog.
  • How far can I reach (Range)?
    This depends on many factors. Such as radio power, wattage, obstacles, and frequency. We recommend for anything over 3 mile usage to invest in a repeater station or contact us for a quote on our Partner Relay
  • What is the warranty?
    All of our Philco radios feature a 2-year limited Manufacturer warranty. Motorola radios carry a 3-year limited warranty. Limits to this warranty include physical abuse, mishandling, and water damage. Refer to our warranty paperwork included with your radios for a specific list of limitations.
  • Do you carry other brands, refurb radios or do you have a trade-in policy?"
    Yes! We also have a full-line of Motorola products. If you do not see a specific model on our website, please contact us. Many models will vary on in-stock selection.
  • Do you offer Payment Plans or Invoicing?
    Our normal terms are net-30 days. We also feature payment plans on request. Contact us to request information on payment plans.
  • How do I go about finding service information?
    You can scroll to the "service department" tab above. It will include all the information necessary to send in service equipment.
  • Can I purchase parts for my radios?
    Yes. A current list of accessories/parts are included under our "accessories" page. If there is a part you are looking for that is not listed, or you are looking for discontinued equipment, please contact us.
  • Can I purchase software/cable?
    We currently do not have a program in place to purchase software. End-users will often program the radios to frequencies not allowed per FCC rules and we are not allowed to release the software. If you need a radio programmed to a certain frequency, please contact us.
  • Can I purchase parts locally?
    At this time we do not have any local vendors who carry parts. However, most parts are in stock and we can ship priority to you free in 2-3 days.
  • How long does service take?
    Most service takes 1-2 business days depending on the issue. We do recommend ordering extra parts and equipment to limit the time without communication.
  • My radios are out of warranty, will you still repair them?
    Yes. We can forward you over a quote on specific repairs needed including a flat rate for service. We also provide trade-in services.
  • Do you repair other brands?
    Currently we only can only repair Philco and Motorola products.
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