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Customer understands that all Two-Way Radio Trial Equipment supplied by PHILCO Communications Company to the Customer is the Property at all times of PHILCO Communications Company. FREE TRIAL CONSISTS OF (2) RADIOS ONLY UNLESS PREVIOUS ARRANGEMENTS ARE MADE. Special Requests will be accommodated on an case by case basis including availability. Customer agrees to pay PHILCO FULL equipment MSRP amount for any Lost, Stolen or Damaged Free Trial Equipment that is the Property of PHILCO Communications Company. Customer also acknowledges that the PHILCO Free Trial Equipment is supplied to the Customer for a 14 (Fourteen) Day Trial Period from Date of Receipt, unless further agreed. Any prolonged period will be subject to collection. IF YOU ARE NOT 100% SATISFIED WITH THE PHILCO FREE TRIAL TWO-WAY RADIOS, PLEASE CONTACT OUR OFFICE AT 1-877-264-5050 AND WE WILL SEND YOU A SHIPPING LABEL TO RETURN THE FREE TRIAL EQUIPMENT AT “NO CHARGE” TO YOU.

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