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In-Ear Tip
High-quality Audio Output


Compatible with Motorola Two Way Radio 2-Pin models: GP88,CP040,CP100,CP110,CP125,CP150,CP200,CP250,CP300,GP2000,GP2100,GP300,GP308,GP68,GP88,GP88S,CLS1110,CLS1410,CLS1413,CLS1450,CLS1450C,CLS1450CB,VL50.

Motorola Acoustic Tube Earpiece

  • Standard Acoustic earpiece comes combined with an in-line microphone and a PTT (push-to-talk) switch. The earpiece is ultra-lightweight and has an improved comfort fit for extended wear. A large in-ear tip provides excellent audio and can be worn on either ear. Stylish yet keeps conversations private so your guests don’t hear your internal communications. Perfect for hospitality, retail, catering, and security applications where projecting a professional image is as important as seamless coordination.

  • Weight 1 lbs

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